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However, not so great to be a Florida Gator with the stomach flu. This kept me from watching the game with Ashley and all the other Gator fans (as well as kept me from attending my classes), but it didn't keep me from celebrating after the game was over!

Two football championships and two basketball championships in the last four years! Amazing!

just in case!

If any of you haven't heard, LJ might be folding in the near future thanks to selling out to retarded corporations who always run these things into the ground. SAVE YOUR JOURNALS and by all means - if we're not already friends on facebook or myspace, please leave me your contact information. I really don't want to lose friendships that I've had for years over this.

I'm already really upset at the prospect - none of my online journals have ever survived, but I certainly never thought LJ would fold. Where will I turn next? Oy.

Here's to hoping this is just a false alarm, but SEND ME YOUR INFO!

I'll screen comments.


year in review meme

January So I returned to Gainesville on Sunday.
February Jeremy has been playing the same video game since 10 a.m. yesterday morning.
March So yesterday was Jeremy's birthday.
April My life has started becoming consumed with plans to move to Denver.
May I'm back in Arcadia for the weekend.
June Alright - here goes: the detailed account of the best way to visit Disney - the Pirates and Princesses party!
July Since I always like to look back on my July 4th entries throughout the years, I better make a darn post for last weekend before I forget!
August (I'm cheating and putting two - it was an important day!) Happy Second Anniversary to Jeremy and I! We're engaged!!!
September Today it was a high of 70 and a low of 45.
OctoberSo when I first got to Denver, I applied to a bunch of jobs near our place or on the DU employment Web site.
November I voted today. Bet you can guess who I voted for!
December I am so extremely excited for my trip to Florida next week.

There you go!



Just an update to let everyone know Jeremy is fine. He finally got back to me at around 6:30 a.m. Florida time yesterday morning.

Just wanted to let everyone know! Now we're off to Epcot where we'll likely spend the day soaked since the weather never ever cooperates with my Epcot trips. *sigh* I always seem to find myself there on rainy days. boo. This photo is the exception, but that was four years ago.


things I don't get

1) High School Musical
2) the Jonas Brothers
3) Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana
4) Twilight.

Obviously I'm getting old.


I guess I need to visit Oklahoma...

visited 27 states (54%)
Create your own visited map of The United States or try another Douwe Osinga project


Kevin Costner

So just in case you don't keep up with my facebook or twitter updates...

I was about five feet away from Kevin Costner today!

So this was really random. We'd just started our five-minute break for Richard's class, and Willi asked if anyone wanted to go try to see Kevin Costner at Driscoll (the student center which is right next to our building). I had no idea he was going to be there and I wasn't the only one! So pretty much our entire class went running to Driscoll to try to catch a glimpse. We got there and it was an Obama rally and Costner was there to give his support. We signed in with the student in charge of the event, and he told us Costner was supposed to be there within the next five minutes.

We all squirmed around waiting - we wanted to see him, since it was a really small room and small audience, but we didn't want to be disrespectful to Richard. So we decided to wait as long as we could in the meantime. We took pictures with the Obama cut-out (if you're wondering, all 13 anthro grad students are voting for Obama) and were given huge sheets of Obama stickers. So then they started giving their opening announcements, and I turned around and there was Kevin Costner!

I thought he'd come in by the stage somewhere, but he came in from the side right where we were standing. So we were the first people to spot him, and were super close. We were the first star-struck people of the event and he spotted all of us staring at him and gave us a little smile and nod. He totally looked too cool for school - sunglasses and cowboy boots, and he actually is taller than I expected. He looked good! I took a camera phone picture, but my phone sucks and won't send picture messages. Willi took a picture with his iPhone though, so I'll post as soon as Willi uploads it to facebook. I definitely think that's the most popular celebrity I've ever seen... aside from meeting Danny Glover at the Grand Canyon when I was six. lol.

KEVIN COSTNER! haha. Weird too, because as Luce informed me, Zach Braff was at DU on Saturday. If I hadn't had a shift at DSW on Saturday, I would have gone to check him out. I guess I shouldn't be too surprised by all the celebrity visitors - Denver isn't that far from LA, we're a private school (which means lots of money to fund causes or speakers), and Denver is just a cool place to be.

So then they announced him and he headed to the stage to talk, and we ran back to class. Richard thought we were hilarious... lol. He loves us - he was even gushing to Larry (our resident GPR/Archaeology professor) about how much he loves our class. So I'm pretty sure we could get away with anything with him. Let's hope that's the case when it comes to his final this Thursday! We're terrified!


IT'S SNOWING!!!!!!!!!!

I figured it would probably happen tonight when it was 33 degrees and raining at 7 p.m. when Jeremy and I went to dinner. I just looked out the window, and I can see the snowflakes swirling around under the street light! Weather.com's forecast says that it's 37 degrees with light snow. I don't believe that it's 37 degree, but I definitely see the light snow!

The next two days have highs in the 40s and lows in the 20s. No more snow though.

I ran into the bedroom and woke Jeremy up - I think snow warrants that. Granted he's lived in snowy places before so it's not quite as big of a deal for him. The last time I saw snow was in 2005 at Spring Break in Gatlinburg. I so want to run outside and catch some snowflakes, but it's coooold! haha.

<3 Denver.

family guts

I'm currently watching "My Family's Got Guts" on Nickelodeon. I'm hoping this is just a first in a series of new versions of their fantastic 90s Nick programs.

Plus "My Family's Got Guts" was filmed at Universal in Orlando earlier this summer - they were actually trying to get park guests to be audience members one of the days we were there, and they sent out e-mails casting families earlier in the summer.

We passed on being audience members, because it was one of our last trips to Universal and we didn't want to waste time.

But here's to Nick - maybe they're finally realizing how much better their programming used to be.

On a similar note - I'm about to order a Purple Parrot Legends of the Hidden Temple t-shirt. That makes me happy.


Promise you'll post this meme in your own journal, and I'll send you the questions that these are the answers for.

Those are the meme rules, but I don't really care if you decide not to post it. It's just kind of fun to make you guys wonder!

1. amberle404
2. killerbcrazy
3. newfoundatari
4. spracker
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8. newfoundatari
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13. newfoundatari
14. thisgirliknow
15. latro Not really, but it'd be funny.
16. amberle404
17. jmcptbackfire
18. dizknee_phreek
19. mimsmom
20. ellenneithernor
21. No idea what that means.
22. Ditto.
23. N/A
24. callmeswift
25. thisgirliknow
26. kingjere (that's kind of cheating, but oh well).
27. autre
28. No idea what that means.
29. N/A
30. Post to your journals more often so I'll have something to do other than memes.

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